Monumenta artis musicae Sloveniae.

Publishing House: Založba ZRC
Year: 1983

A series of critical editions of early musical works belonging to the treasures of the Slovenian cultural heritage was founded at the birth of the Institute of Musicology, its first volume being published in 1983. The series was named Monumenta artis musicae Sloveniae and comprises important works by Slovenian composers, compositions by other composers connected during earlier periods with the geographical area of modern Slovenia and selected important works preserved in various national archives and libraries. About one third of the existing volumes are devoted to the compositional opus of Jacobus Handl-Gallus, one of the foremost Central European composers of the late sixteenth century and a native of Carniola (i.e., Slovenia). The modern edition provided by the series rescues from oblivion the names of early native composers and ones active within this geographical area: Daniel Lagkhner, Gabriel Plavec, Georg Prenner, Isaac Posch, Gabriello Puliti, Janez Krstnik Dolar and Janez Krstnik Novak, among others. The volumes contain introductory studies of the composers and the published works as well as editorial notes on the musical transcriptions. The editions are bilingual (in Slovenian and English).

The first editor and the founder of the series was Dragotin Cvetko. The co-editor during the years 1986–1993 was Danilo Pokorn, who after 1993 edited the collection by himself. Ivan Klemenčič was the chief editor from 1996 to 2004, and Tomaž Fanagel from 2005 to 2008; since 2009 this responsibility has been held by Metoda Kokole.

Online editions

From 2020 the volumes of the series are also published online. The intention of online presentation of Monumenta artis musicae Sloveniae is twofold: to offer open access to existing editions and to prepare a platform for new, completely digital volumes in the series.

We are starting by opening up to any interested musicologist and/or performer the fruits of nearly forty years of past research into the national musical heritage undertaken under the auspices of the Institute of Musicology. The earliest of the existing volumes date back to the early 1980s, and it should be noted here that in some cases recent research and the constant increase in data regarding sources worldwide (including ever more digitized originals etc.) have already appreciably transformed our knowledge of the published authors, their works, performance practice etc. so that new textual commentaries and corrigenda are called for. This is why we are adding new Introductions and Corrigenda to the original scanned editions, in order, at least, to draw the attention of the various users towards the new research and data that are available today.

Second, the electronic series is to become a platform to be developed over time into new, completely digital volumes containing our early musical heritage following the traditional scheme but using modern technological support for the visual presentation of music.


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Izbrana dela iz Hrenovih kornih knjig 1
Annibale Perini: Missa Benedicite omnia opera Domini; Pietro Antonio Bianco: Missa Percussit Saul mille
Monumenta artis musicæ Sloveniæ LXII

Year: 2017
Authors: Pietro Antonio Bianco, Annibale Perini

19.00 €

Izbrana klavirska dela
Monumenta artis musicæ Sloveniæ LXI

Year: 2016
Author: František Josef Benedikt Dusík

18.00 €

Achille in Sciro (1738)
Arije Ahila in Dejdameje
Monumenta artis musicæ Sloveniæ LX

Year: 2016
Author: Giuseppe Arena

20.00 €

Tre sonate, op. 26
Monumenta artis musicæ Sloveniæ LIX

Year: 2014
Author: Francesco Pollini

24.00 €

Skladbe za lutnjo
Il secondo libro de intabulatura di liuto (1563)
Monumenta artis musicæ Sloveniæ LVIII

Year: 2014
Author: Giacomo Gorzanis

20.00 €

Skladbe za lutnjo
Intabolatura di liuto. Libro primo (1561)
Monumenta artis musicæ Sloveniæ LIII

Year: 2011
Author: Giacomo Gorzanis

20.00 €

Simphonia grande in G
Monumenta artis musicæ Sloveniæ LII

Year: 2007
Author: František Josef Benedikt Dusik

Missa pastorale op. 93
Monumenta artis musicæ Sloveniæ XLIX

Year: 2006
Author: Leopold Ferdinand Schwerdt

Balletti / Sonate
Druga dopolnjena izdaja
Monumenta artis musicæ Sloveniæ XXVa

Year: 2004
Author: Janez Krstnik Dolar

Missa St. Floriani in D
Monumenta artis musicæ Sloveniæ XLIII

Year: 2002
Author: Leopold Ferdinand Schwerdt

Missa in G
Monumenta artis musicæ Sloveniæ XLI

Year: 2001
Author: Venceslav Wratny

Missa in A
Monumenta artis musicæ Sloveniæ XXXIX

Year: 2000
Author: Venceslav Wratny

Missa in B
Monumenta artis musicæ Sloveniæ XXXVII

Year: 2000
Author: Venceslav Wratny

Arije in dueti
Monumenta artis musicæ Sloveniæ XXXVI

Year: 1999
Author: Jakob Frančišek Zupan

Missa sopra la bergamasca
Druga dopolnjena izdaja
Monumenta artis musicæ Sloveniæ XXIIa

Year: 1997
Author: Janez Krstnik Dolar

Druga dopolnjena izdaja
Monumenta artis musicæ Sloveniæ XXIIIa

Year: 1997
Author: Janez Krstnik Dolar

Missa Viennensis
Monumenta artis musicæ Sloveniæ XXIX

Year: 1996
Author: Janez Krstnik Dolar

Soboles musica
Druga izdaja
Monumenta artis musicæ Sloveniæ IIa

Year: 1995
Author: Daniel Lagkhner

Monumenta artis musicæ Sloveniæ Supplementa ( 2008– )
Monumenta artis musicæ Sloveniæ
Pet motetov
Monumenta artis musicæ Sloveniæ Supplementa 2

Year: 2008
Author: Isaac Posch

church music
Zupan, Jakob Frančišek
17th century
vocal music
chamber music
Dolar, Janez Krstnik
instrumental music
18th century
stage music
Plavec, Gabrijel
sacred music
baroque music
Posch, Isaac
16th century
Gallus, Jacobus
Renaissance music
Slovenian music
Gorzanis, Giacomo
lute music
masses (music)
Puliti, Gabriello
sacred vocal music
music studies
psalms (music)
Schwerdt, Leopold Ferdinand
liturgical music
Prenner, Jurij
dance music
16/17th century
Striccius, Wolfgang
harpsichord music
music for keyboards
musical settings
organ music
string orchestra
chamber orchestra
Dusík, František Josef
lute tabs
Lagkhner, Daniel
Ivančič, Amandus
sonata à tre
musical culture


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