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Tre sonate, op. 26

Author: Francesco Pollini
Year: 2014

The piano compositions of Francesco Pollini (Ljubljana 1762 – Milan 1846) are of greater worth than has been recognised up to this time. Among early music works by this widely known virtuoso of his time piano sonatas hold a special place. The three sonatas published in this volume, originally conceived in 1812 as practical part to the composer’s manual for piano playing, are virtuosic pieces that can, however, still today serve as a useful pedagogical tool. Francesco Pollini was born in Ljubljana where – living in a cultural circle around the famous local patron of arts Sigismund Zois – he acquired till about his twentieth birthday the musical basics and developed a taste for fashionable music of the time.

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Ana Milošević: Francesco Pollini - novi vsebinsko povezani publikaciji; Glasna 3.7.2017

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