Izbrana dela iz Hrenovih kornih knjig 2. Missa Exaudi Deus & Magnificat secundi toni
Selected Works from the Hren Choirbooks 2
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Edited by Klemen Grabnar

The edition presents two double-choir liturgical compositions from the turn of the sixteenth century by Lambert de Sayve, a Franco-Flemish musician active in the Habsburg lands: a Missa Exaudi Deus and a Magnificat secundi toni. Sayve’s Mass is based on Giovanni Gabrieli’s seven-part motet Exaudi Deus. Conversely, the Magnificat is not based on any pre-existent music. It evidences the evolution in taste towards greater colour contrast and word-painting. Considering the time and place of origin of the choirbook where his Missa Exaudi Deus and Magnificat secundi toni are preserved (Ljubljana, National and Univerity Library, MS 343) and the fact that the latter is the only extant Magnificat by him, these two compositions may well have been the ones mentioned in a written record, dating from 1604, that mentions Sayve’s dedication of a new Mass and Magnificat to Archduke Ferdinand II. The quality of the two works presented in this edition demonstrates, one hopes, that Sayve’s descent into obscurity is undeserved and that there is a need for a sustained scholarly investigation of Sayve’s entire oeuvre.

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