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Skladbe za lutnjo. Intabolatura di liuto. Libro primo (1561).
Compositions for Lute. Intabolatura di liuto. Libro primo (1561).

Author: Giacomo Gorzanis
Year: 2011

The second volume of the planned opera omnia by Giacomo Gorzanis (Apulia c. 1520 – Trieste[?] after 1573) contains the composer's first book of lute tablatures dedicated in 1561 by the author to his mighty Carniolan patron Hans Khisl from Kaltenbrunn (Slov. Fužine) near Ljubljana whom by the time he had already known for some time. The collection contains 27 compositions, 22 dance type compositions, one intabulation of a vocal villanella and 4 imitative ricercari. The author of the edition, Dr Alenka Bagarič, contributed her realization of pieces in modren notation in two systems with an added transcription of the original lute tablature above two two sytems, introductory explanations and editorial comments.

Table of content


Revizijsko poročilo


[1] Pass’e mezo antico

[2] Padoana del ditto

[3] Saltarello del ditto

[4] Pass’e mezo moderno

[5] Padoana del ditto

[6] Saltarello del ditto

[7] Pass’e mezo detto Il Gorzanis

[8] Saltarello del ditto

[9] Il Todischino

[10] Padoana del ditto

[11] Pass’e mezo ditto La dura partita

[12] Padoana del ditto

[13] Pass’e mezo de La roca e’l fuso

[14] Padoana del ditto

[15] Saltarello detto Il Zorzi

[16] Saltarello ditto El Teteme

[17] Saltarello detto Il poverin

[18] Saltarello detto Sona baloni

[19] Saltarello ditto Ciel turchin

[20] La barca del mio amor

[21] Te parti cor mio caro

[22] Bal todesco con il suo Salto

[23] Occhi lucenti assai più che le stelle

[24] Ricercar primo

[25] Ricercar secondo

[26] Ricercar terzo

[27] Ricercar quarto

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