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Music migrations in the early modern age: the meeting of the European East, West and South
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1 September 2013–31 August 2016

The investigation of music migrations is to offer insight into musico-cultural encounters in spatial (European East, West and South) and in temporal (17th to 18th centuries) terms. The researched migrations include not only musicians in the broadest sense, but also music repertoire, ideas, musical forms and styles, etc. The focus of all groups lies on gathering individual information on migrating musicians within the chosen broader territory, to enter the data in the common data‐base, to create a map of migration flows, and to draw systematic and synthetic conclusions. Individual researchers are to develop further systematic research issues via specific case studies. Apart of common endeavours the Slovenian group will organise various events but especially prepare two music editions and organise two concerts.

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migrations • 17th and 18th c. • music • musicians