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Cerkveni glasbeni fondi slovenskih obalnih mest
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Božidara Frelih
1 July 2007–30 June 2010

The value and importance of the preserved earlier music heritage, especially sacred, now kept in different cultural and above all ecclesiastical institutions of the Slovenian coastal towns of Koper/Capodistria, Izola/Isola and Piran/Pirano has been already positively ascertained especially through the results of an earlier research project "Music sources from the 16th to the 18th centuries with special attention to the archives in the Slovenian region of Primorska" (L6-3122), expired in June 2004. The rich material that was recorded and generally assessed, and which consists – due to known historical reasons – mostly of sacred music, needs now to be minutely registered within the general register of all earlier Slovenian music heritage. The elaborate electronic register includes detailed information on all musical and extra-musical elements of each processed composition, in manuscript or printed form (only early prints). The new methodology, supported by the latest informational technologies, enables comparison of different musical elements and structures among all entered compositions and through comparison of music incipits (coded leading melodies), entered in the world census, also identification of anonymous authors. The register will be completed with yet unrecorded music manuscripts and early prints, accounted for only recently. The Slovenian register is automatically included in the world-wide electronic catalogue of earlier music sources: Répertoire International des Sources Musicales (RISM Series A/I, A/II and B/IV), which guarantees the proposed project an international dimension. Simultaneously with this main task specific research activities will be carried out by foremost specialist members of the research group: study of earliest parchment music codices from the 14th to the 16th centuries, analysis of the repertoire and authors of the collections of 17th century prints in Koper and Piran, researches into compositions and activities of the foremost composers present with their works in coastal archives, as for example Giovanni Antonio Rigatti (c. 1613–1648) and Capodistrian composer Antonio Tarsia (1643–1722), as well as authors connected with the compositional style of the latter: Giovanni Legrenzi, Giovanni Battisti Bassani etc.

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