Katarina Šter, PhD

ORCID iD: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-6665-8118

  • PhD in Musicology, MA in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory 
  • Specialized MA in Music Performance
  • President of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Musicology 
  • Member of editorial boards of the international musicological journal De musica disserenda and e-series of the monographs Slovenska glasbena dediščina (Slovenian musical heritage)




Research areas: liturgical plainchant, medieval monastic musical traditions in the Slovenian lands, interdisciplinary research into connections between literature and music

Research interests: Katarina Šter’s scope of research consists mainly of the liturgical plainchant of the medieval monastic orders, with special emphasis on the chant of the communities flourishing on the territory of today’s Slovenia. Her work was firstly focused on the medieval antiphoners coming from the former charterhouses in Slovenia and on the Carthusian liturgical and musical tradition in general. Recently, it has been expanded with the comparisons of this tradition to other liturgical traditions and Early-Modern-Era plainchant. Next to that, interdisciplinary research of connections between words and music in the early vocal music has remained one of her main interests as well.

Other engagements: Since the beginning of her work at the Institute of Musicology, Katarina Šter has also been a member of several committees and editorial boards. Since 2006, she has been a member of the Coordination Committee and Editorial Board of the Historical Seminar of the Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts – ZRC SAZU (President in 2013/2014), as well as a member of the editorial boards of the musicological journal De musica disserenda (from 2012, editor-in-chief in the years 2018 and 2019) and e-monograph series Slovenska glasbena dediščina (Slovenian Musical Heritage; from 2012). In 2020, she has become the editor-in-chief of the international musicological journal Muzikološki zbornik – Musicological Annual, where she was reviews editor 2016–2019. She is also a member of the Slovenian Musicological Society and of the Slovenian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies. She has edited and co-edited several volumes of the interdisciplinary monographs Historical Seminar and two volumes of De musica disserenda.

Scholarship of the Swiss National Research Foundation Government (2016)
ZRC Scholarship (2009)
GoStyria! Scholarship of the Autrian Styrian Land Government! (2007/2008)
Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship (2014-2015)
The ZRC "Silver Sign" Award (2012)
Excellent in Science in the field of humanities for the year 2013 (awarded by the Slovenian Research Agency ARRS to best scientific monographs from different fields)

Selected recent publiations (2015–2020):

  • “The ‘Prague Group’ of Music Manuscripts from the Charterhouses Žiče (Seitz) and Jurklošter (Geirach).” In Sammeln, Kopieren, Verbreiten: Zur Buchkultur der Kartäuser gestern und heute, Analecta cartusiana 337, ed. by S. Excoffon and C. Zermatten, 491–510. Kartause Ittingen and Saint-Etienne: 2018.
  • “Kdo je Begunka pri zibeli: Nekaj misli ob Lajovčevem samospevu.” [“Who is the Refugee by the Cradle: Some thoughts on Lajovic’s song.”] Muzikološki zbornik 54, No. 1 (2018): 31–48. doi: 10.4321/mz.54.1.31-48 http://bit.ly/2IfeGb9
  • “Mary Magdalene, the Apostola of the Easter Morning: Changes in the Late Medieval Carthusian Office of St Mary Magdalene.” Muzikološki zbornik 53, št. 1 (2017): 9–53. doi: 10.4321/mz.53.1.9-53 http://bit.ly/2Ti8o0z
  • “Nekateri vidiki povezovalne vloge glasbe v poznosrednjeveških provincah kartuzijanskega reda.” [“Certain aspects on the integrating role of music in the late medieval provinces of Carthusian Order on the example of Alemania Superior.”] Arhivi: Glasilo Arhivskega društva in arhivov Slovenije zbornik 40, No. 2 (2017): 199–216. http://bit.ly/2TjuIHq

Selected earlier publications:

  • “Resacralization of the sacred: Carthusian liturgical plainchant and (re)biblicization of its texts.” Muzikološki zbornik 50, no. 2 (2014): 157–180. http://bit.ly/3cqVB3E
  • Srednjeveški koral v kartuziji Žiče: Pogled skozi oči najstarejšega samostanskega antifonarja [Medieval Plainchant in the Charterhouse Žiče: Observing through the Eyes of the Eldest Antiphoner of the Monastery]. Elektronska izdaja. Slovenska glasbena dediščina [Slovenian Musical Heritage], 3. Ljubljana: Založba ZRC, ZRC SAZU, 2013. http://ezb.ijs.si/fedora/get/ezmono:skkz/VIEW
  • “Koralni rokopisi slovenskih kartuzij.” [“Plainchant manuscripts of the Slovenian charterhouses.”] In Zgodovina glasbe na Slovenskem 1: Glasba na Slovenskem do konca 16. stoletja, edited by Jurij Snoj, 137–217. Ljubljana: Založba ZRC, ZRC SAZU, 2012.
  • “Between uniformity and diversity: Medieval antiphoners of the Charterhouse Žiče in the University Library of Graz.” In Kartäusisches Denken und daraus resultierende Netzwerke vom Mittelalter bis zur Neuzeit, Analecta cartusiana, 276/5, edited by James Hogg, 111–144. Salzburg: Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik der Universität Salzburg, 2012.
  • “Variantna intonacija osmega psalmovega tona v kartuzijanski liturgični tradiciji.” [“Variant eighth-psalm tone intonation in the Carthusian liturgical tradition.”]. De musica disserenda 7, no. 2 (2011): 75–93. http://bit.ly/32KxyrX
Slovenian musical works after 1918 ( temeljni_raziskovalni • 01. july 2011 - 30. june 2014)
Ecclesiastical music funds of the Slovenian coastal towns ( temeljni_raziskovalni • 01. july 2007 - 30. june 2010)
Didactic manuals and music education in the 18th century ( temeljni_raziskovalni • 01. may 2009 - 30. april 2012)
Researches in the history of music in Slovenia ( research programme • 01. january 2009 - 31. december 2014)
Forms and transformations of monastic musical traditions in medieval Europe: Carthusian plainchant in the light of a comparison with selected liturgical music traditions ( podoktorski_raziskovalni • 01. august 2013 - 31. august 2016)
Old traditions in new vestments: Musical and textual reworkings in the performing practices of liturgical music ( temeljni_raziskovalni • 01. july 2019 - 30. june 2022)

After studies of musicology and comparative literature with literary theory at the Universities of Ljubljana and Regensburg, Katarina Šter graduated with theses on the chorale settings in Bach cantatas and on Schiller’s Letters upon the Aesthetic Education of Man. In her following doctoral studies of musicology at the University of Ljubljana and at her work as a junior researcher at the Institute of Musicology at the Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ZRC SAZU), she embarked in studies of medieval liturgical chant with Prof. Jurij Snoj as her mentor. During her doctoral studies she was also able to enrich her knowledge of Gregorian chant and its performance with Prof. Franz Karl Praßl at the Artistic University of Graz (Kunstuniversität Graz) with the scholarship Go Styria!, as well as to research the sources at the Bibliothèque Municipale in Lyon with a research grant of ZRC SAZU. In 2010, she was awarded her doctoral degree with a thesis on characteristics and interconnections of six medieval antiphoners of the Charterhouse Žiče preserved in the University Library of Graz, for which she was awarded the Silver Order of ZRC (a special prize given for the excellence in doctoral theses) in 2012.

Katarina Šter is currently a research fellow at the Institute of Musicology ZRC SAZU where her work is focused primarily on the medieval musical traditions of the monastic orders and on the plainchant in different eras of music history. Of special interest to her is also the relationship between words and music in early vocal music. She presented numerous papers at the conferences in Slovenia and abroad, and published several papers on Žiče musical manuscripts in various musicological and other journals, while her monograph on the earliest antiphoner from Žiče received the Excellent in Science ARRS Award for the year 2013. In connection with her work on the relations between the Carthusians and other traditions, she carried out a specialized research at the Schola Cantorum in Basel (Switzerland) with the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship in the academic year 2014/2015, where later she also embarked on a short research project with Dr Agnese Pavanello and Kelly Landerkin with the Scholarship for International Short Visits of the Swiss National Science Foundation in 2016. In 2016, she successfully concluded a postdoctoral project Forms and transformations of the monastic musical traditions in medieval Europe, financed by the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS Z6-5562). In 2019 she started leading a project Old traditions in new vestments: Musical and textual reworkings in the performing practice of liturgical music (ARRS J6-1809; see above). She is also an active member of several editorial boards and specialized societies (see above).

Katarina Šter is also active as an early music singer. In 2019, she earned a Specialized Masters in Music Performance in singing at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis in the class of Prof. Kathleen Dineen. She has been an artistic leader of several vocal ensembles, among them the ensemble insula memoriae, dedicated to the performance of the Gregorian Chant and Renaissance Music. She is also a member of an international music ensemble The Obsidian Collective. Alongside with the concert activity, she is leading workshops in Gregorian chant and Medieval music for professional and amateur musicians.

Research areas
Musicology H320