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Didaktični priročniki in glasbena vzgoja v 18. stoletju
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1 May 2009–30 April 2012

The main goal of the proposed project investigation is a study of several correlated aspects of music didactics on the territory of Slovenia in 18th century on the basis of new points of departure in the most up-to-date interpretations of the history of the 18th-century music, especially those that support the modern ideas on the past as a conglomerate of relatively specific cultural (music) practices, each with its specific rules of agency that are the sine qua non of the existence of these same practices and are at the same time the aim of today’s historical research and the basis for description of interrelations of these practices. The research will be based on a detailed analysis and contextualisation of a selected model: two recently discovered manuscript manuals from the 18th century extant in Novo mesto. These are examples of specific didactic materials originating from the territory of today’s Slovenia: "Compendium cantus choralis de clavibus" and "Fundamenta zu dem Clavier oder Orgel". They represent a most welcome base for the research into an important segment of the then pedagogical practices on the territory of Slovenia and its direct functional connection with contemporary music practices which are very clearly denoted in sociological, geographical and other cultural terms.

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Slovenian Research Agency

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Musicology H320