The Institute of Musicology (formed in 1972 and founded as an autonomous unit in 1980) is the only independent research group in the field of musicology in Slovenia. The basic activity of the researchers is the study of the musical heritage of the geographical area of today's Republic of Slovenia from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. Within the scope of the series Monumenta artis musicae Sloveniae, the Institute of Musicology prepares and publishes musical works by the authors who have worked in the area of today's Slovenia during various historical periods. We participate in the international musicological projects of the Répertoire international des sources musicales (RISM; database of musical sources) and the Répertoire international de littérature musicale (RILM; database of musicological literature). The Institute of Musicology is also involved in the education of young researchers in the history of musical art. Researchers of the Institute publish their research findings in international academic journals and in conference and other types of proceedings, and publicly present them by independent lectures at academic meetings in Slovenia and abroad. We organise international academic conferences, prepare educational exhibitions and organise concerts. Since 2005 the institute publishes a scholarly journal De musica disserenda .

Music sample: Isaac Posch: Balletta I from Musicalische Ehrenfreudt (Regensburg, 1618); performed by Combattimento Consort (2003)

Isaac Posch, Musicalische Ehrenfreudt (1618); beginning of the composition edited in Monumenta artis musicae Sloveniae, vol. 30.