Zgodovina glasbe na Slovenskem II. Od konca 16. do izteka 18. stoletja
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It is a volume of collected essays by the Slovenian foremost specialists in subjects concerning the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in the territory of the present-day Slovenia. The book is divided into 17 chapters organised as far as it is possible in chronological order. The general survey of music mainstreams in the two centuries is followed by chapter on music endeavours of the Prince-Bishop Tomaž Hren, on the composers Issac Posch, Gabriello Puliti, Antonio Tarsia and Janez Krstnik Dolar, on the music chapel in Koper in the seventeenth century, on the phaenomenon of the Academia philharmonicorum and the tradition of private music making, followed by the chapter on Jakob Frančišek Zupan, and essays on sacred music in the eighteenth century in the central and eastern part of today’s Slovenia, on music theatre in Ljubljana, on keyboard music, on  symphonic music and concluding with chapters on František Josef Benedikt Dusík, musical instrument making and organ building in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

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