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Tomaž Faganel, MA
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Alenka Bagarič, MA
Božidara Frelih
1 January 2003–31 December 2005

Among lesser studied agents of music production, reproduction and dissemination of music repertoire were ecclesiastical orders (Jesuits, Franciscans Observants, Minorites, Capuchins, but also lesser known Piarists, Paulins etc.), especially active within the post-reformatory church activities from the late 16th century to the reforms of Joseph II and finally the abolition of a number of convents under the French administration at the turn of the 18th century. The intention of the proposed project ism, first, to realize a systematic recording of all music materials preserved on the territory of today's Slovenia (music manuscripts and prints) pertaining to different ecclesiastical orders, and secondly to evaluate the impact of the Counter Reformation movement on the music endeavours in the then Slovenian-speaking regions, with special attention to the music production within orders and repertoire used for monastic devotions and educational purposes. The research will include comparative analysis of materials belonging to similar church communities in neighbouring or connected Central European Countries, such as Croatia, other Austrian provinces, Bohemia, Moravia, some southern German states, as well as Italy, the centre for the dissemination music of literature in the discussed period. The study will focus also on circulation of music within separate orders, the exchange of music among orders and other non-monastic ecclesiastical institutions and even secular centres. As a model example will be studied music endeavours within the Jesuit order, their music education, music activities in the College (including stage performances by its students), and music creativity of certain members of the order, especially Janez Krstnik Dolar (Kamnik c.1620 - Vienna 1673). Taking into consideration all existent and potentially newly discovered materials will be a reassessed Dolar's biography, followed by a thorough study into his compositional techniques, based on the study of contemporary theoretical treatises, compositions of his European contemporaries, and comparative modal analysis of Dolar's music.

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Musicology H320